I hear it all the time. “If it’s not broke why fix it?” Or, “I’m too busy to deal with that; we’ve got it taken care of.”

The decision, and the choice to change your water service comes with understanding the benefits of the modern alternative and recognizing the current method of providing healthy drinking water to the staff and clients in 5 gallon jugs is arcane, inefficient, and expensive.

Aqua Systems drinking water service is distinct and different from the 5 gallon jug delivery service. We represent water cooler manufactures worldwide and make use of bottle free water dispensers to facilitate access to clean and fresh drinking water. We now know if you drink more water your health and wellness may be enhanced. Our modern water filtration systems and specifically our bottleless water cooler is the best water dispenser for office or home. Our water coolers utilize reverse osmosis technology to produce an unlimited supply of purified, great tasting drinking water at a low fixed monthly price. Reverse osmosis filter technology is widely used for water purification and we also offer an ultra filter option for higher volume locations.



Benefits of the Aqua Systems mini water filtration plant


No need to pay staff or the bottled water delivery service to sanitize the cooler.

Sanitation should be regularly scheduled maintenance and this is often overlooked. The result of inadequate sanitation can be easily seen in the cooler reservoir. Just inspect the reservoir on the next bottle change, if you dare. The buildup of slime, algae and biofilm is unhealthy and certain if the sanitation is not performed regularly.


No more bottles. No 42 pound jugs to change or store. All maintenance is performed on a regular schedule by Aqua Systems principle staff. Think about it; are 5 gallon water jugs the most efficient method of providing drinking water? What about risk of injury? And the cost is fixed and predictable for years.


Aqua Systems bottleless water system is less expensive in every way. The monthly cost is less, no matter how much water is consumed. The ancillary cost of bottle storage, sanitation, and bottle changing is eliminated. The bottle deposits and reconciliation are a thing of the past. And the modern cooler eliminates the need for frequent deliveries, thus lowering cost and lowering the environmental impact of large trucks and plastic production and plastic waste.

Approximate Annual Savings:

# of 5 Gallon Jugs delivered 1 Year Savings 2 Year Savings 3 Year Savings
10 jugs/month $458 $916 $1,374
20 jugs/month $1,112 $2,224 $3,336
30 jugs/month $1,886 $3,772 $5,658


Cost Savings based on jugs priced @ $6.45 ea. Cooler rental @ $11/mo., Includes anticipated filter maintenance by Aqua Systems $99/yr