Water Club Manager

Office Water Club only$4 per month

Water Club Manager

Form a Water Club in your office….Share the cost and management of a drinking water dispenser (pat pending) in your office using the watershare APP. We supply and install our special water dispenser and the watershare APP collects and verifies payments. The APP limits access to the water dispenser only to subscribers. No Freeloaders!

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What to do when your employer will not provide pure drinking water?   

              How to Start a Water Club

                      The First Step

It is really simple.  If people in your office are interested in establishing a water club contact us for a free consult. 

First of all we will confirm the office manager’s approval. Then we will review the details of adding a drinking water dispenser with you.

Next, we will verify the water dispenser installation details. We will decide on a suitable water cooler location. Finally we will schedule a free installation. 

                      Next Step

Once the free dispenser is approved and installed you should:

1) Install the watershare app on your phone
2) Create an account using “Create Account” with the app
3) Join the subscription service by adding a credit card (recurring subscription payments are automatic unless you cancel)
* The current subscription period is 3 months. 

    How to Use the Water Dispenser

4)Turn on your phone’s bluetooth using your phones settings
5)Connect your bluetooth with the device named “water”. “water” should appear after your phone searches for nearby bluetooth devices
6)on your phone watershare app select the temperature of the water you want to dispense (3 temperature choices)
7)Place your cup or refillable water bottle in the lighted alcove of the water cooler.
8)Press the “logo” on the water dispenser label and fill your water bottle or cup.

          watershare APP limits

*Once you make your temperature selection the app starts a 60 second timer. Your phone should automatically disconnect from the water dispenser bluetooth relay. If you need more time you will need to connect your phone again to “water” bluetooth device. This is a method of making the water dispenser available for the next user. If you forgot to disconnect, the water dispenser’s bluetooth relay would be occupied and not discoverable.

   Water Club Member Maintenance

***) The members need to share some very modest housekeeping. Since you are there in the office daily and we are not; please empty the drip tray and wipe the cooler surface from time to time. If you see the red tipped buoy rise, this means the drip tray reservoir needs to be emptied. 

Please help us help you by emptying the drip tray reservoir. It will be a mess if you don’t! It will only take a few seconds to do and it will prevent water from spilling on the floor.

What to do now:
Contact us and schedule a water dispenser installation and share clean drinking water with your mates, we will take care of the rest!

What we do to facilitate your Water Club:

 Aqua Systems LLC  developed this special water cooler for the purpose of streamlining the management tasks of operating a water club. The water dispenser combined with the watershare APP manage member payments and member access. 

Your employer must authorize the installation, but the entire system will be cost free to the employer.

   How the Water Dispenser Works

watershare (pat pend) is a unique water dispenser modified with a special bluetooth device. We will install the specialized water dispenser free of charge. You will gain access the water cooler with a smartphone app. 

The product includes a smartphone app for paying the subscription and a sophisticated water dispenser for perfect filtered water and equipped with a patent pending device that controls access to the water cooler. As a subscriber you will have access to all watershare coolers, everywhere.

 Are there any other charges or costs?

The water dispenser is provided, installed and serviced by Aqua Systems at no charge. The only cost is the monthly subscription cost (paid quarterly every 3 months) The current price plan is set at $4 per month for this 1st version ($12/quarter). Your credit card will be automatically billed $12 every 3 months until you cancel your subscription. If you cancel early, contact us for a partial refund.

Filtered Water Dispenser                  watershare pure water dispenser