Product Description

The Officewater Club is open for business. Does your employer refuse to pay for pure drinking water in the office? Are you forced to buy your own bottled water or drink from the ancient germ laden water fountain?
Officewater rescue is available for you and your colleagues.
The water club is supplied with a high end water dispenser installed and serviced by Aqua Systems and the cost is supported by the individual members paying $1* per week each. (The officewater club requires at least 10 members to maintain the low $4/month/member)
Aqua Systems began in 2006 providing the service of pure water filter dispensers. We use a high end water dispenser outfitted with an engineered filter set that processes the main water to pure filtered water and delivers unlimited hot and cold without the use of inconvenient and expensive replaceable jugs.

Filtered Water Dispenser

Ultra-filtered pure water dispenser