Water Cooler Rental

Aqua Systems is in the business of providing water coolers for business. We certainly understand the benefits of drinking water and began our drinking water service in 2006 in the Richmond, Va area. The landscape of the industry began to change 20 years ago when tap water started to develop a bad reputation for excessive impurities and the bottled water companies sought to satisfy the commercial demand. Our population became more educated about contaminates and the demand  soon followed as did increase in bottled water prices.

Bottled water delivery, though meeting a real demand, has many shortcomings. Modern innovations in water filtration combined with clever commercial applications lead to significant advances in drinking water systems.  Aqua Systems uses the best water dispensers to deliver pure drinking water directly at the point of use. The equipment innovations allow us to place a miniature water filtration plant right in your office. The result is high quality, great tasting and affordable drinking water in an unlimited supply with unparalleled convenience at fixed cost. No bottles, no lifting, no problems.

Aqua Systems offers a variety of styles to fit your specific requirement, and they all have some common features. The coolers are either free standing or table top with a self contained series of in line water filters. Depending on your preference, we can install a reverse osmosis system or an ultra filter system. Both produce an unlimited supply of water for a set price, both have a series of sediment and carbon filters for purification and all coolers have a hot and cold dispenser. Aqua systems uses a plumbed in cooler in every installation, thus eliminating the 42 pound jug that requires storage and changing. The installation is always free for our rental coolers and that includes any and all plumbing necessary for a professional installation. Aqua Systems holds a class A Contracting license and has done so since 1988. We have never had a single complaint or dissatisfied customer, never. Installation typically requires 2 hours and is quiet and clean. We will install during normal business hours unless you have special requirements, and we are happy to accommodate those.

Generally we provide water cooler rental. The monthly rate starts at $17 per month for an undersink filter system (not a  water cooler) that connects to a dedicated faucet and your refrigerator ice maker/water dispenser. This system delivers room temperature water.The free standing and countertop filter coolers start at just $29 per month and can supply drinking water for business of 20 or more people using a single station. See our water cooler choices here.

We provide water coolers and undersink filter systems to businesses and homes throughout the state of Virginia. Our primary business structure is water cooler rental to business and water filtration sales to home owners. Our experience is most businesses prefer full service that’s a phone call away. Home owners tend to prefer ownership. We are quite happy to provide any option to home and business, your choice. Note: installation and maintenance charges apply to sales that do not apply to rentals.

If you live in one of these areas we have a customer near you:

Richmond, Va, Henrico, Va, Mechanicsville, Va, Glen Allen, Va, Chesterfield, Va, Chester, Va, Petersburg, Va, Fort Lee, Va, Prince George, Va, Emporia Va, Fredericksburg Va, Charlottesville Va, Warrenton Va, Woodbridge Va, Lorton Va, Dumfries Va, Alexandria Va, Arlington Va, Fairfax Va, Vienna Va, McClean Va, Northern Virginia, Newport News, Va, Hampton Va, Norfolk Va, Virginia Beach Va, and Washington DC.

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