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officewater.net is owned by  Aqua Systems. We have provided water dispenser rentals and water cooler sales and service since 2006 and our first customer remains our customer. Our water coolers are high quality and extremely well priced. We respond to our customers needs fast. You can reach us directly by phone or text and we will answer…and take the proper action. That explains why we don’t lose customers once they become customers.

We have our office and warehouse in Manakin Sabot, Va. Our primary customer base is located in the zip codes surrounding Richmond Virginia. We serve public and private businesses throughout the state of Virginia. We currently service businesses in Charlottesville, Warrenton, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Newport News, Norfolk, Williamsburg and Petersburg.

We are a proud family business and we care about what we do and say. You can rely on quality, prompt and respectful service when you engage with the Aqua Systems family. 


Aqua Systems leases office water coolers; Our water dispenser rental is  a premier drinking water service without the bottled water delivery cost and hassle. Try our perfectly filtered water. Ask for a free trial. Customers tell us it even tastes better than bottled spring water. 
Aqua Systems uses elegant and attractive, high quality engineered water systems. We are willing to provide you with a free 2 week trial so you can experience our service. Most people are impressed with the quality and convenience of the drinking water and the low cost. Never change another bottle.  

Installation is always free and our service is fast and responsive.  You will have the phone number of the owners.We keep the water dispenser in top shape for your pleasure. We check and clean the water cooler quarterly and replace the entire filter set annually (or more frequently).


Established in 1988.

Aqua Systems began operations in 2006 expanding a Class A contracting company; licensed since 1988. We take a special pride in understanding and maintaining our equipment and how to best install it in your facility. We have the skill and professionalism to know what to do and how to get it done without disruption to your business,

As the customer base grew, we changed our focus from contracting to office water service. Within a few years our company dedicated itself completely to drinking water service.

Meet the Business Owner


Aqua Systems is a locally owned and operated business. The phone number you call with questions rings the owner’s cell.  We maintain a simple operational philosophy; use the best equipment, installed and maintained properly, and respond to questions immediately. The rest will take care of itself. Call to review your purified drinking water service options. Ask about our current satisfied customers to gain confidence in the value of our service. Request a FREE TRIAL


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